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Welcome to Photosmudger on the Road 2009

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Hello, good evening, and welcome to Photosmudger on the road 2009, in association with Nikon and Calumet. This blog is intended to be a central point for all information regarding the roadshow, but along with obvious stuff like dates and locations I'd like to provide lots of useful info too. So you'll find breakdowns of last year's assignments, as well as advice on common mistakes that were made, some info about studying photography, general technical and creative advice, and critiques of entries into last year's assignment, as well as advice on how to handle this year's briefs.

Once the roadshow is up and running, and you've entered the assignment yourself, we'll be creating dedicated Flickr Groups for each college
, that way loads of people can get to see your efforts, and other people besides me can offer a critique of them! There are also PDF versions of business studies stuff from the 2008-9 roadshow, and links to the Student Discount sign up page.

So help yourself, and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions where appropriate, but please keep 'em clean!


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