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Post-Roadshow Report Card - TVU Ealing


TVU, note cool projector in ceiling.

Spent the day at TVU Ealing yesterday, but felt slightly fuzzy round the edges after the lengthy day at UCLAN.
  • Student turnout - 4/10. Oh dear. Where were you all? We heard that there'd been a field trip to Berlin the week before, but surely it doesn't take 3 days to recover from a hangover? All those who did make it are hereby entitled to take a comedy size frying pan and bang it over the heads of those who didn't.
  • Number of questions asked - 1/10. I'm not even sure there were any, although there were a few in the flash demo.
  • Quality of tea and cakes - 8/10. Big shouts out to Matt and Tony for this, as we were kept continually fed and watered all day long.
  • Tom's ability to find his way round the building - 0/10. When looking for the loo, don't ask a caretaker who started working there that morning. He won't be much help, and may even send you on a wild goose chase all over the building.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 7/10. Pretty good stuff, with very thorough business/invoicing stuff as well. Sadly only 5 (yes, 5) people actually handed stuff in. See student turnout above for suggestions.
  • Cool AV equipment - 10/10. Press button, projector slides out from ceiling, and back up, and down and up. I could have played with it all day. If only the corner of the room I was lecturing in didn't smell of drains I'd be on to a winner.
  • Number of students who happen to live round the corner from me, and thereby get a lift home - 1/1. This sort of thing tends to only happen at colleges in London!
Right, I've got a massive pile of work in front of me, having been out of the office for a week. None of it is particularly appealing, and mostly involves very boring admin. Am shooting all weekend, and then it's the last 2 venues, Nottingham and Derby next week.
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Post-Roadshow Report Card - UCLAN


UCLAN, taken as always by Duncan, who can now add Valet parking to his long list of job titles.

Apologies for taking almost 48 hours to post this, but it took quite a while to get back from Preston, the M6 wasn't kind to me, nor was the bottom end of the A40, and since I had to be up bright and early to go to TVU yesterday, this is the first chance I've got. So here's what we thought:
  • Student Turnout - 8/10. Lots of folk, and a record breaking number for the brief in the afternoon.
  • Number of questions asked - 4/10. Hardly any again, I really must be telling everyone all they need to know.
  • Quality of tea and cakes - 6/10. Nice enough, but there seemed to be no time to enjoy it, due to:
  • Parking facilities at UCLAN/Preston in general - 0/10. Moving the cars twice in a day, then having to go off and find them is a little annoying. Particularly when the cars are full of enough stuff to fill 100 goodie bags, camera demo gear, my camera gear, pop-up stands and so on. This gear is heavy, and takes a while to shift. It's also why Duncan ended up doing some valet parking!
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 6/10. Some good stuff, often let down by the usual technical bits. I'd strongly suggest you all go and read up about licensing and usage however - I nearly lost my rag with the sheer number of people who filled in the invoice wrong.
  • Number of Students from my year at college who lecture at UCLAN - 1/1. Sadly Irene wasn't there on Tuesday, as she was in hospital having her knee mended.
Thanks go to Simon Leach, who took time out from his work as a photographer, and his role as President of the AoP to help with critiquing the assignment shots. Above all though, I was very impressed with how many people attempted the assignment, it's very encouraging indeed, as we know from long experience that it's not always the case.....

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