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This year's must have fashion accessory...


...Is clearly a Nikon bag. What self-respecting photography student would be without one!

I must admit to being a bit freaked by this actually, I was just packing up from finishing the talk, stepped outside the lecture theatre to answer the call of nature, and was confronted by half the student body of Reid Kerr being corralled into position by their lecturers. A very impressive sight, and certainly more impressive than what happened on Tuesday at Glasgow Met when the Nikon Bags failed to arrive. This was not the fault of Nikon, by the by, but the as usual incompetence of City Link, a firm I've been unfortunate to have dealings with in the past. You'd be better off strapping anything you want to send to a carrier pigeon in my professional opinion!

Mind you, our bacon was well and truly saved by Bernie, one of the wise and venerable technicians at Glasgow Met, who found some branded bags in storage. You are a scholar and a gent sir, we salute you! Read more on "This year's must have fashion accessory..."!

Post-Roadshow Report Card - Paisley Reid Kerr


Nikon cameras in foreground, students in background.

Glasgow again today, (well, Paisley) this time visiting Reid Kerr in a shiny new building, and a definite improvement over last year's facilities. A very good reception and a very good crack at the assignment meant this was another impressive performance all round.

  • Student Turnout - 8/10. Good numbers, and pretty keen looking too.
  • Number of questions asked - 4/10. Still only a couple, and mostly technical in nature.
  • Quality of Tea and Cakes - 9/10. Aided and abbetted by a birthday cake.
  • Number of Lecturers who also had 40th Birthday's that day - 1/1. Happy Birthday Gerry.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 8/10. Superb pics, but let down slightly by their paperwork in a few places.
  • Ability of Tom to break the audio-visual equipment before he's even started using it - 9/10. Wait for the AV technician next time Tom, there's a good chap.
A little break now, until we visit Aberdeen next Tuesday. Meanwhile I shall return to my day job as a photographer! Read more on "Post-Roadshow Report Card - Paisley Reid Kerr"!

Post-Roadshow Report Card - Glasgow Metropolitan


The View from the front at Glasgow Met

Finally, after months of planning and preparation, the day dawns, and the roadshow begins. On a rainy Tuesday morning in Glasgow, myself, Nikon David and Calumet Duncan, with a strong sense of Deja Vu, headed down to Glasgow Met to kick things off. Here's the college's report card:

  • Student Turnout - 8/10. Lots of happy, keen people on a rainy morning
  • Number of Questions asked - 2/10. Only the one question asked, so no major points there
  • Quality of Tea and Cakes - 9/10. Very fine indeed. Particularly the Carrot Cake.
  • Getting around the Building - 1/10. Get those lifts fixed.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 9/10. A frankly awesome opening to the season. Superb results, and very good consideration of the business side too.
  • Ability of the college to bail us out with natty plastic bags when the Nikon ones failed to arrive - 10/10. Cheers for that guys, we would have looked quite daft handing over piles of brochures to people and asking them to hold them all together.
So, a good start then. Reid Kerr in the morning, and it looks like Glasgow Met have set the bar quite high. Read more on "Post-Roadshow Report Card - Glasgow Metropolitan"!