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Post-Roadshow Report Card - London Strobist Group


There should be a picture of the day here, but I forgot to take one. Instead, Emma had the genius idea of creating a montage of people's Flickr icons, so that's what I've done.

In keeping with other roadshow dates (and despite this not being a college) I felt I ought to write a report card for yesterday's London Strobist Meetup. There was a slightly lower turnout than expected on the day, but we still raised £340 for the street Football league - good work people!

  • Student Turnout (well, sort of students) - 8/10. Despite chipping in cash there was still half a dozen or so people who didn't show up, but the others made up for it.
  • Number of questions asked - 8/10. Better than most colleges, and very technical free questions too, mainly focused on business, copyright, making money and so on. All good to hear.
  • Amount of Nudity - 0/10. Thank god for that frankly. After what happened last weekend I got slightly apprehensive about what Paulo would hand in for the assignment.
  • Quality of Tea and Cakes - 2/10 and 10/10 respectively. The Tea and Coffee is free at Calumet, so no complaints there, it's just a bit rank, unfortunately. More than made up for by Paulo (Teacher's pet) bringing Indian and Turkish sweets with him. Blimey they were sweet. My teeth still ache slightly now, and I can feel diabetes developing.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 7/10. Pretty good overall, though some work needed on clarification on the invoice - leaving bits blank won't get you much money! On the technical side though, you lot would put many colleges to shame.
  • Amount of shoe shopping done by the group on the day - 8/10. The West End must have thought the Sex and the City Girls were in town, although I don't think you could mistake Rams for Sarah Jessica Parker.
All in all, very good fun, I hope it was as much fun for everyone taking part as it was for Myself, Emma from Vue and Dave from Nikon who were putting it on. Thanks go to Andy and Paulo for organising the day, and Calumet for letting us have the room for free. As Dave pointed out to me just after we'd finished, he and I planned the first roadshow (2008-2009) about 5 yards from the room we were in yesterday, so there was a satisfying feeling of coming full circle about the day for the two of us!
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