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Post-Roadshow Report Card - Glasgow Metropolitan


The View from the front at Glasgow Met

Finally, after months of planning and preparation, the day dawns, and the roadshow begins. On a rainy Tuesday morning in Glasgow, myself, Nikon David and Calumet Duncan, with a strong sense of Deja Vu, headed down to Glasgow Met to kick things off. Here's the college's report card:

  • Student Turnout - 8/10. Lots of happy, keen people on a rainy morning
  • Number of Questions asked - 2/10. Only the one question asked, so no major points there
  • Quality of Tea and Cakes - 9/10. Very fine indeed. Particularly the Carrot Cake.
  • Getting around the Building - 1/10. Get those lifts fixed.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 9/10. A frankly awesome opening to the season. Superb results, and very good consideration of the business side too.
  • Ability of the college to bail us out with natty plastic bags when the Nikon ones failed to arrive - 10/10. Cheers for that guys, we would have looked quite daft handing over piles of brochures to people and asking them to hold them all together.
So, a good start then. Reid Kerr in the morning, and it looks like Glasgow Met have set the bar quite high.


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