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Post-Roadshow Report Card - TVU Ealing


TVU, note cool projector in ceiling.

Spent the day at TVU Ealing yesterday, but felt slightly fuzzy round the edges after the lengthy day at UCLAN.
  • Student turnout - 4/10. Oh dear. Where were you all? We heard that there'd been a field trip to Berlin the week before, but surely it doesn't take 3 days to recover from a hangover? All those who did make it are hereby entitled to take a comedy size frying pan and bang it over the heads of those who didn't.
  • Number of questions asked - 1/10. I'm not even sure there were any, although there were a few in the flash demo.
  • Quality of tea and cakes - 8/10. Big shouts out to Matt and Tony for this, as we were kept continually fed and watered all day long.
  • Tom's ability to find his way round the building - 0/10. When looking for the loo, don't ask a caretaker who started working there that morning. He won't be much help, and may even send you on a wild goose chase all over the building.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 7/10. Pretty good stuff, with very thorough business/invoicing stuff as well. Sadly only 5 (yes, 5) people actually handed stuff in. See student turnout above for suggestions.
  • Cool AV equipment - 10/10. Press button, projector slides out from ceiling, and back up, and down and up. I could have played with it all day. If only the corner of the room I was lecturing in didn't smell of drains I'd be on to a winner.
  • Number of students who happen to live round the corner from me, and thereby get a lift home - 1/1. This sort of thing tends to only happen at colleges in London!
Right, I've got a massive pile of work in front of me, having been out of the office for a week. None of it is particularly appealing, and mostly involves very boring admin. Am shooting all weekend, and then it's the last 2 venues, Nottingham and Derby next week.

rosangela said...
November 19, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

Hi there, Thanks for the experience that you make us made. I’ve really enjoyed. At the beginning I was panicking, but after I looked through the subjects, calculate my time, I chose the shoe with no people involved in order not to waste time with them. Even though I had an hard time we the people in the shop who wanted to help me holding shoes, and trying to tell me where the best position was, and where the best light was....suddenly everyone in the shop were giving me photography suggestions.Beilive me I had an hard time to make them shut up!!!!Than finally I chose a football shoe, very stylish, very shiny, and through the name on it, and the photography technique I used, I tried to express the power of it, in a very simple, colourful and concise way. Thanks again for the experience!!! Rosangela PS: I'm free on the week end if you need an assistant...lol.

Photosmudger said...
November 19, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

Cool, glad you enjoyed it Rosangela, I thought your stuff was fantastic, and as I said at the time, very good use of a simple technique to produce a great result.

You'd be welcome to come along at the weekend, but unfortunately I'm shooting a Poker tournament, which means that even for me I'll be standing around for most of the day, and if you were assisting you'd be doing even more standing around! Thanks for the offer though, and good luck.

rosangela said...
November 25, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

Hey, thanks once again, and I'll try for some others week end.

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