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Post-Roadshow Report Card - University of Lincoln


Playing to a packed house at Lincoln. Can you see the students behind the Nikon Goodie Bags?

Up to the University of Lincoln yesterday. Here's what we thought:
  • Student Turnout - 3/10. Oh Dear. I think at the peak there were something like 27 people in the room, although people were coming and going throughout the talk, so that number went down quite a bit. See above photo for the view from the front.
  • Number of Questions asked - 3/10. Oh Dear again, barely a single question.
  • Quality of tea and cakes Fish and Chips - 10/10. The fringe benefits of visiting on a Friday I suppose.
  • Number of huge beanbags - 9/10. Offered a golden opportunity to swan dive into them with whoops of joy.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 6/10. Only a handful of people took it up (which means we get to go home early) and they had a fair crack at it, but nothing that really knocked my socks off.
UEL on Monday, where there will hopefully be more people around. It's quite scary lecturing to a huge, almost empty red room. A very red room.


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