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Post-Roadshow Report Card - University of East London


The Lecture theatre at UEL, so big it makes it look like there's less people there.

University of East London yesterday, with a pretty good start to the week. Here's what we thought:
  • Student turnout - 8/10. Decent numbers, and lots of keen folk doing the brief in the afternoon.
  • Number of Questions asked - 4/10. Not loads, but fairly good ones.
  • Quality of tea and cakes - 6/10. Caffeine based beverages absolutely fine, but no cake products to be found. Maybe we didn't look hard enough.
  • Number of students in the audience who also featured in the presentation - 10/10. You know who you are Mr Laing - enjoy the ski show at the weekend!
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 6/10. Some very mixed responses, ranging from some of the most polished work yet, to people who just completely missed the point.
  • Proximity to airports - 9/10. I'm a geek and I'll admit it. I spent a very pleasant 15 minutes staring across the water at planes coming in to land. At no point did I stick my arms out and go running round shouting "neeeooooow" though. Maybe next time.
University of West England in Bristol on Thursday, to be followed by a weekend off, then it's up to Sheffield.


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