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Post-Roadshow Report Card - University Of West England


University of West England. I should have taken a 2nd shot during the assignment critique for comparison!

Bristol yesterday, and I foolishly eschewed the offer of a hotel, as I knew I was shooting on Wednesday. That meant a very early start to get there by 8am, although I stopped for a little nap on the M4.
  • Student Turnout - 7/10. Pretty good numbers, although see below for more info.
  • Number of Questions asked - 5/10. Not many, but fairly good ones, very business minded.
  • Quality of Tea and Cakes - 9/10. A steady stream of hot black coffee provided by Frank, and a truly delightful stuffed mushroom for lunch.
  • Overall Cleanliness of College - 10/10. Very clean indeed - hand wash stations every 2 yards, antiseptic wipes at the door, instructions on how to wash my hands in the gents. It all conspired to make me feel very dirty, which I probably am!
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 7/10. A decent attempt, which just needed a bit of polish to make it really stand out. The only problem was.....
  • Number of people who actually attempted the assignment - 1/10. It's a new record folks, just 4 people attempted the assignment. It means I got to leave early, but it doesn't really instil me with confidence that the students at UWE are displaying the initiative, drive and ambition that's required to be successful self-employed people. To those that did it, Jamie, Luke, Matt and Khalil - I salute you, you are hereby entitled to take the piss out of your peers for at least the next week.
I'm now off for a long overdue weekend away (the first this year), and then it's 2 Sheffield dates next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Before I go however, I need to introduce a new member of the Roadshow team - James Zierold, who is in charge of all the "Southern" dates on the tour, has just become a father for the first time to a healthy baby girl, who for now we'll call "mini-Zierold". Congratulations to the whole Zierold family from everyone here at the roadshow, which is basically me, and David from Nikon!

Finally, thanks to Bob and Ed from the Bristol branch of Calumet for stepping in at very short notice and taking James' place yesterday, superb job fellas.


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