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Post-Roadshow Report Card - Sheffield Hallam


Another superb shot by Duncan. I remained sitting like that until my knees seized up, and I almost had to be carried out.

We spent the day at Sheffield Hallam yesterday, in a very impressive building right in the city centre. I was hoping to be visiting the same campus as my brother, who studied fine art there back in the late 90's, but apparently it's now scheduled for demolition, although he claims he had nothing to do with it.
  • Student turnout - 7/10. Pretty good, although there seemed to be a large discrepancy between the hordes of people who had allegedly signed up, and the actual turnout on the day. I'll leave it to David to have words.
  • Number of questions asked - 4/10. Not many, but that appears to be the norm. Maybe it's because I tell all the students everything they could possibly want to know about photography in one go that there's no need to ask questions. Maybe.
  • Quality of tea and cakes - 0/10. What tea and cakes?
  • Quality of extremely posh restaurant food at the "Hallam View" - 10/10. Ye Gods those Monkfish fishcakes were tops. Felt like royalty, and slightly underdressed whilst sitting in the exclusive "staff and visitors only" restaurant.
  • Ability to handle the assignment - 7/10. Above average, with a few outstanding attempts, and a few that needed a lot more polish. What we saw a lot of Hallam though, was very good ideas, even if they were hard pressed for time. Highly commendable.
  • Embarrassment caused by running up and down 4 flights of stairs when the loos were out of order - 8/10. Not what you need when you've been in front of an audience for a couple of hours.
  • Number of people who feature in the presentation who I bumped into in the corridor - 1/1. As with UEL, you know who you are!
Just Newcastle next week, and nothing but a massive pile of admin and other such crap on my desk to deal with at the moment. What joy.


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